Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on August 10, 2022

In his live broadcast on August 10, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo points out that the Fudan faction and the Hebei Moat Project have become two powerful weapons for the CCP’s internal struggle. Mr. Guo believes that the CCP has to sign the new “Plaza Accord,” which is an “End the CCP” agreement that will force the CCP to withdraw from the South China Sea, return freedom to Hong Kong, and let Taiwan, Xinjiang, and Tibet be independent. Below are the highlights.

 Zeng Qinghong fostered the Fudan (University) faction to counter the Tsinghua (University) faction. The Fudan faction rose with the help of Jiang Zemin and Jiang Mianheng. Liu Yungeng is a seasoned figure in the faction and Wang Huning is the master. The number one in the Fudan faction is Neil Shen, who has done more damage to the West than nuclear missiles. Other members of the Fudan faction include Bruno Wu, Yang Lan, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, Alvin Jiang, Jack Ma, Guo Guangchang, Zhang Shousheng, Han Zheng, and Li Yuanchao.

 The force that Zeng Qinghong cultivated in China’s education system has exerted more influence than the CCP Party School. In the realm of the CCP’s human resources, Zeng Qinghong is the second most important person after Zhou Enlai. His influence is ranked No. 1 in the oil, science, and technology fields. Even 100 Xi Jinping could not match Zeng Qinghong.Xu Yongyao did one thing after becoming the Minister of State Security: the Hebei Moat Project, the last line of defense in politics (Hebei Province surrounds Beijing. The leaders of several important cities in Hebei are Zeng Qinghong’s confidants). That’s why Xi Jinping’s Xiongan New District (a city in Hebei) failed, and the Beijing Stock Exchange had no impact.

 The Fudan faction and the Hebei Moat Project have become two powerful weapons for the CCP’s internal struggle.

 If Xi Jinping had listened to Mr. Miles Guo’s revelations in 2017, he would not have been as miserable as he is now.

 After the 20th CCP Congress, the negative consequences of Xi’s second term will be evident in his third term. 

 The CCP’s zero-COVID policy, like the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward, intends to test local governments’ loyalty and abilities to prevent, control, and manage (the people, not the virus). 

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