Pelosi: U.S. Can’t Allow China to Increase Pressure on Taiwan

Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, said on Wednesday that the United States cannot allow the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) pressure on Taiwan to reach a new level. After her visit to Taiwan, the CCP claimed that the pressure on Taiwan through several days of military exercises had been normalized.

Pelosi pointed out at the press conference that the CCP is trying to establish a new normal. “And we just can’t let that happen”. The purpose of her visit to Taiwan was to emphasize that the United States and Taiwan enjoy robust relations on the existing basis. At the same time, she would like to pay tribute to Taiwan’s vigorous democracy, economic achievements and young people’s enthusiasm for embracing democracy.

Pelosi said that the United States not only supports the status quo, but also believes that it is quite important. The current policy of the United States is based on the Taiwan Relations Act recognized when the United States transferred diplomatic relations in 1979, which set rules for U.S.-Taiwan relations, as well as the Three Joint Communiqués and Six Assurances of the United States and China. Taiwan visit does not deviate from this policy, and in line with this policy. The United States will not allow the CCP to isolate Taiwan.

She said that the CCP may be able to prevent Taiwan from participating in the World Health Organization and other affairs, but it cannot prevent the United States from visiting Taiwan.

When asked about the CCP’s announcement of sanctions against her and her immediate family, “Who cares?” Pelosi said with a smile, “That is incidental to me, of no relevance whatsoever.”

The CCP announced on Wednesday that it had “completed various tasks around Taiwan”, but would continue to conduct regular patrols, which may indicate the end of the war game for several days while maintaining pressure on the autonomous island.

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