U.S. Bipartisan Consensus Reached to Take Down CCP

On August 3rd, Miles Guo said in the Gettr live streaming, that the United States has been very clear no matter how many concessions and opportunities given to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), it does not want to give the Chinese people democracy and the rule of law.

The U.S. did not held the CCP accountable on Tiananmen Square Massacre event in 1989, allowing the CCP to host the Olympic Games, entering the WTO, turning the GDP of Communist China from $1.3 trillion to $15 trillion, furthermore, permitting CCP state-owned companies to list in New York. However, The U.S. eventually found trillions of dollars could not change the evil true nature of the Chinese Communist Party. Finally, a bipartisan consensus was reached to take down the CCP.

As Miles said if it was not the persistent and secret documents released by the Whistleblower Movement again and again, while Whistleblower Movement and Miles continually being attacked by the CCP, the agents of the CCP in the U.S. such as DOJ’s Higginbotham, Pras Michel, Steve Wynn will not be exposed/ Meanwhile, the facts that the U.S. and western countries have been controlled by the CCP with Blue, Yellow and Gold (BGY) were also impossible to be known by the public. At the same time, the United States and its allies will not be awakened so quickly.

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