CCP Releases a New “White Paper” to Adjust Stance on Taiwan

The Chinese Communist Party has repeated its military threats against Taiwan after days of military exercises near the island. In a rare “white paper” released on Wednesday, the Communist China government revoked its long-standing assurance not to send troops or administrative personnel to Taiwan after it takes control, Breitbart reported on August 10.

The “white paper” adjusts its position in Taiwan. Previous documents included a pledge that Communist China would not send troops or administrative personnel to Taiwan after “unification,” but the new document removes this line, and also declares zero tolerance for Taiwan’s ” secessionist activities”, saying Beijing “will not abandon the use of force.”

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) quickly issued a statement, that condemned, and protested Beijing’s new white paper as a violation of international law. Taiwan insists that neither side of the Taiwan Strait has jurisdiction over the other side, and firmly opposes the ‘one country, two systems principle, the MAC said in the statement. This is the status quo and reality of the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan has never been part of the People’s Republic of China, and only the 23 million Taiwanese people can determine the future of Taiwan, the statement proclaimed.

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