Communist China Seeks to ‘Reshape’ the World, Australia Joins the US Military’s ‘Kill Chain

Australia will join the “kill chain” of US air and missile defense capabilities, which could reduce the Australian military’s reaction time to a threat from thirty minutes to less than four minutes, according to a report on August 5.

The “kill chain” refers to the process of identifying targeted threats through surveillance and reconnaissance, choosing the best solution to counteract the objects, and implementing strikes. The US and Australia are building an interoperable force in the Pacific, where ships, aircraft, and radars from both sides can conduct joint interceptions in real-time.

Now, a series of “reconnaissance & shoot” integration trials using reconnaissance aircraft and fighter jets from both countries have been successful, paving the way for large-scale force integration in the future. This integrated combat system will significantly advance Australia’s regional strategic strike force, particularly the Defense Force’s ability to respond to long-range threats. More US ships, troops, and aircraft will join the combat system in the future, including the B-21 stealth fighter deployed in Australia.

Defense Minister Richard Marles said Australia and the US are crucial to building alliances and interoperability of forces as Communist China seeks to “reshape” the world’s rules.

Mr. Marles said disputes are better mediated and resolved through the rule of law rather than power, particularly on the South China Sea and Australia’s trade routes. Still, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been a warning to us.

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