UK Parliament Deletes its TikTok Account Over Data Security Issues

The British Parliament shut down its TikTok account on Wednesday due to data security concerns. Some British MPs worry that TikTok’s Chinese parent company will hand over U.K. user data in response to pressure from the Chinese Communist government.

 After learning that data from TikTok has been routinely transfer back to China, the peers and MPs wrote to the speakers of both Houses of Parliament in late July to flag their concerns. They said they were “surprised and disappointment” that Parliament would set up a TikTok account. The letter also said that TikTok executives “were unable to guarantee MPs that the company could prevent data transfer to ByteDance, should the parent company make a request for it” and ByteDance would be required to provide UK user data by the Chinese government. The personal information of the British younger generation will be accessible to Beijing.

 The account was a pilot initiative, according to a UK Parliament spokesman, and that Parliament was testing the platform in an effort to engage young people. The account has nowa been shut down.

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