Cao Xingcheng, UMC Honorary Chairman donate 100 mil US dollar to Taiwan Defence

August 5th, Cao Xingcheng, Honorary Chairman of UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) announced in a press conference to donate NT$3 billion (about 100 million US dollars) to help strengthen Taiwan’s national defence.

 The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched military blockade exercises in the seas around Taiwan following U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Ms. Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Cao said in his press conference on Friday (August 5th) that the CCP’s actions towards Taiwan undermines regional peace and stability, undermines the morale of Taiwanese people, and shakes people’s confidence in democracy and freedom. Cao urged the Taiwanese to recognize the evil nature of the CCP and unite to defend their beautiful homeland. At the same time, Cao announced a NT$3 billion (appx 100 million US dollar) donation to support the national defence of Taiwan.

 Cao went on to point out, in the big picture, spending 100 million U.S. dollars on weapons purchasing is meaningless; but he thinks that the weakness of Taiwan’s national defence is not in weapons and equipment, but in low awareness and morale. 3 billion Taiwan dollars is expected to fill the gap and to inspire everyone to strengthen their preparedness in terms of cognitive warfare, psychological warfare, and public opinion warfare.

 He added, in facing the CCP’s cultural attack and military intimidation, we can see that some people in Taiwan are acting like ostriches who think that as long as they bury their heads in the sand and CCP will not use force against Taiwan unless they are provoked. Also, there are many capitulationism followers, who think they have zero chance to win a war against the CCP anyway, it’s better to surrender and save their lives. Out of them all, the worst thing is to support reunification, thinking that after reunification, the so-called “Chinese dream of great rejuvenation” full of xenophobic consciousness can be realized. To sum up, all the above-mentioned people who refuse to fight against the CCP to protect Taiwan are either out of ignorance, or out of cowardice, or already bought off by the CCP. They can’t see clearly that the CCP is essentially a gangster and an underworld organization that has been impersonated as a state.

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