The Swiss Federal Public Health Authority covered up COVID-19 vaccine data

On August 4, 2022, it was reported the Swiss Federal Public Health Department (UFSP) announced the contract for the procurement of CCP virus (Covid-19) vaccines for Pfizer and Moderna from their websites after repeated public requests.

 One of the detail that has come to light and sparked controversy is, there are some portions in a paragraph, and sometimes even entire paragraphs are blackened out and made illegible. Remy Wyssmann, an attorney, said this shows how insensitive the public sector is to transparency. He has repeatedly asked for this information to be disclosed over the past year, but the most relevant parts remain inaccessible. This include the price per dose, the total cost of purchase, and the terms of liability.

 Professor of Health Law at the University of Zurich, Kerstin Noelle Vokinger, agrees with Wyssman’s opinion. She believes both private interests and the public interest must be considered. It must be pointed out that the costs involving this particular type of vaccine will be borne in part by the population. 

 The Swiss Federal Ministry of Health emphasizes that federal law has principles relating to administrative transparency and that the right to access official documents is not unrestricted. In addition, despite the blackened paragraphs, these public documents provide public opinion information on the content of the contract and the regulatory aspects. Interpharma General Manager René Bholzer reminds everyone that transparency is important, but so is “respect for the secrets of relevant departments and vaccine manufacturing. As important as that.

 Time has proven that there seems to be many problems associated with the CCP virus vaccines. In the same time, we can also feel that there is a very formidable force behind in promoting this vaccine across the world. All information regarding vaccine side effects and risks are either censored or blocked, and people don’t have access to the truth. As early as December 21, 2021, Miles Guo said in the live broadcast: “The World Health Organization, big pharmaceuticals that manufacture the CCP virus vaccine, and the health management departments of various countries will definitely be brought to a big trial by the entire mankind.” These bureaucratic and evil forces have made full use of trust and obedience to science that mankind has built together over centuries, and turn that into their own tools and means of killing.”

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