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A U.S. cybersecurity company named Mandiant published a report on its official website blog page on Aug 4, 2022, titled “Pro-PRC ‘HaiEnergy’ Information Operations Campaign Leverages Infrastructure from Public Relations Firm to Disseminate Content on Inauthentic News Sites”.

Mandiant is the winner of two Global Information Security Awards at RSA Conference 2022 and has been a trusted cybersecurity industry leader since 2004. Mandiant provides organizations of all sizes with solutions and security validation of provably transformative cyber defenses through products spanning consulting, automated defense, managed detection and response, threat intelligence, and more.Mandiant’s report provides readers with a thorough analysis of the recently discovered Chinese Communist Party’s information operations campaign. The CCP’s information operations use the networks of at least 72 suspected inauthentic sites and social media properties to spread content that is strategically aligned with CCP political interests, the report said. The report also found that the websites mentioned above were all linked to the Chinese public relations firm Shanghai Haixun Technology Co., Ltd., which organized propaganda criticizing the United States and its allies and attempted publicity activities to reshape Xinjiang’s international image and expressed support for Hong Kong’s electoral reforms.In addition, the report revealed that Shanghai Haixun’s propaganda campaign used fabricated content to discredit opponents critical to the CCP, including world-widely recognized number one enemy of the CCP, Miles Guo, the leader of the Whistleblower Movement and the founder of the New Federal State of China; and German anthropologist Adrian Zenz, known for his research on Xinjiang, who opposed the CCP’s genocide against the Uyghur population.

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