Musk’s Starlink Shielded The CCP’s Satellites Navigation During Pelosi’s Flying Into Taiwan?

700,000 people around the world used real time flight-tracking websites to watch the path of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s seven-hour flight from Malaysia to Taiwan on Tuesday, August 2.

A view was circulated on social platforms in Communist China, saying that Elon Musk’s Starlink shielded the CCP’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, so Pelosi arrived in Taiwan smoothly. It also proved that the electronic shielding ability of the United States was far better than that of the Chinese Communist Party.A flight tracking image showing Nanci Pelosi’s flight into Taiwan. 

A person who claims to have a CCP’s military background pointed out that Taiwan dared to broadcast the location, model and personnels of Pelosi’s special plane in front of the world, which showed that Taiwan’s abilities of electronic shielding and electronic confrontation were extremely advanced. “Taiwan doesn’t care about the CCP at all”.

“Therefore, we (CCP) can’t hold live-fire drills until August 4th, when the American special plane flew away, the aircraft carrier turned off the electromagnetic waves, and the Starlink closed the information source. We lost. knowing shame and then being brave to work hard. We must work hard for another 20 to 30 years to catch up with!” he said.

According to expert’s analysis, in response to the high patriotism in the Communist China, the CCP’s military exercise started at noon on the August 4th. It only tested the DF-15 short-range missile to deal with the incident absently and end hastily. This time, the CCP did not dare to test the DF-21, DF-26 and DF-16, because it was afraid that the data would be collected by the U.S. military, while the U.S. military’s RC-135S electronic reconnaissance aircraft had been waiting there. But the CCP’s most mysterious medium-range ballistic missile “DF-17” did not appear in the drills.

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