The CCP’s Four-Day Military Exercise Encircling Taiwan Ended In Haste

In his short broadcasting via GETTR on August 4th, the founder of Whistleblower Movement, Mr. Miles Guo mentioned that the CCP’s planned four-day live-fire military exercise came to an abrupt end. The reason was that the military of Taiwan and its allies, the United States and Japan, directly confronted the CCP, and the CCP ended the military exercise ahead of schedule in panic. But in the media in Communist China, it only said that the task was completed early and perfectly and accurately, and did not mention that the CCP was scared to retreat.

After U’S’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi leaving Taiwan, China conducted its largest-ever military exercises encircling Taiwan despite condemnation by the United States, Japan and the European Union.

Miles mentioned that the CCP used intelligence analysis from Taiwan and the U.S. military, and even sent a signal to the other side to demonstrate before launching the drills. The Taiwanese army, the American army, and the Japanese army were all standing in line, and waited for the CCP to launch missiles and then hit them back directly. Consequently, the CCP backed down.

The U.S. military was fully aware of the real-time decisions and deployments within the CCP army, such as driving tanks to the beach to make brain-washed CCP supports excited, the actions of those inside traitors who betrayed Taiwan during Pelosi’s visiting. The CCP has been monitored in a state of complete transparency.The recent behavior of inside traitors within Taiwan is also extremely arrogant and crazy, they told the CCP all real-time developments in Taiwan, but nothing could change state quo. All the forces of justice in the world are on Taiwan’s side, and they all hope that Taiwan can win and the CCP will be taken down. The demise of the CCP is inevitable, it will happen, Mr. Guo said firmly.

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