China’s Reactions Doesn’t Really Matter

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) departed Taiwan late on Wednesday after a 19-hour visit that included visits with the country’s legislature and President Tsai Ing-wen.

According to the news, during Pelosi’s visit, several statements and remarks were made throughout her trip, emphasized that she did not intend to change the status quo of failing to recognize Taiwan’s statehood but maintaining friendly relations between Washington and Taipei.

Beijing does not maintain any diplomatic ties to countries that recognizes Taiwanese statehood. The Communist Party claims Taiwan as a rogue province and dismisses Tsai’s Government as an illegitimate “separatist” organization.

In response to the visit, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is condemning Pelosi, surrounding Taiwan with its military assets, and also demanding the leftist President Joe Biden to limit Pelosi’s ability to travel. But, addressing the ongoing barrage of propaganda against herself from Beijing, Pelosi told reporters in Taipei that China’s opinion of her visit doesn’t really matter. Pelosi concluded, “What matters to us is that we salute the successes of Taiwan. We work together for the security of Taiwan. And we just take great lessons from the democracy.”

Pelosi also told a reporter that she did not understand why China “made a big fuss” about her, but speculated it could be due to “certain insecurities on the part of the President of China as to his own political situation that he’s rattling the saber.”Chinese President Xi Jinping and the nation could do nothing but watch the arrival and the departure of the United States representatives to Taiwan spawning a world wide decline of the Chinese image.

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