CCP’s Responds With Strongest Boycott to Taiwan

In view with millions of people watching, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan on August 2nd, 2022 where she held a series of official events during her brief visit. Before the event, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continuously released warnings, and even threatened to adopt necessary military measures to stop her visit. However, Pelosi still came to Taiwan according to her planned schedule. The CCP did nothing about it except verbal objection and condemnation as usual. This made the CCP lose face in front of the entire world. In fact, it has no face at all on the international political stage.

Since then, the world awaits of how the CCP would response to this incident and what countermeasure would be taken. On August 3rd, the CCP took the ‘strongest measure’ by stopping the export of natural sand to Taiwan effective the same day.

According to news reports, CCP Commercial Ministry declared China would temporarily stop to export natural sand to Taiwan from August 3rd. As well, the CCP Customs also announced that China will temporarily stop the import of citrus fruits, chilled white hairtail, frozen horse mackerel from Taiwan citing the reason of harmful organisms found in the fruits from test results.

The CCP’s strongest countermeasure pales by comparison of the previous ‘Wolf Warrior’ attitude, threatening to shoot her plane down. The CCP has played a fake role and is now being ridiculed by the entire world. It’s become a real paper tiger indicating that CCP indeed has entered its terminal period.

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