Himalaya Taiwan Farm Interviews Anti-U.S. Protester In Front of Grand Hyatt Taipei

On the evening of August 2, local time, the fellow fighters from Himalaya Taiwan farm participated in the event to support U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Two teams of fellow fighters participated in the live broadcast, one in the studio and the other at the scene in front of the Grand Hyatt Taipei, where Pelosi stays during her visit, the hotel is located near Taipei Songshan Airport.

Fellow fighters such as Taiwan Daniu, Ba Li, Zhengqing, and Tianji participated in the greetings event in front of the Grand Hyatt Taipei.

Tianji, the host of the live broadcast, introduced that at the scene there are two separate groups of people standing on the right side and the left side of the street, one side is the people who support Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, and the other side is against Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

To understand the pursuit of the anti-U.S. group, Tianji did an interview with Mr. Xiao, who claims he’s a member of the Labor Party of Taiwan. Xiao stated that the Labor Party’s pursuit is to strive for better economic interests and equal political rights for the working class in Taiwan; when Tianji asked why he was against Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, Xiao answered that the Labor Party’s appeal is the peaceful reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, but they blame president Tsai Ing-wen for her initiation of the invitation of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan because he thinks that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan will agitate the relationship between Taiwan and Communist China; Xiao also stressed that recently, the media in Communist China has announced the import ban of Taiwan’s more than hundreds of Taiwanese agricultural products, which he thinks is a going to cause losses for Taiwan’s local workers.

Nevertheless, many viewers of the broadcast commented that judging from the accent of Mr. Xiao, “He sounds like he’s from the mainland, not Taiwan, Anhui province, to be specific”, someone commented; “this is what’s called ‘CCP’s overseas publicity’”, another viewer commented.

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