The CCP Government Demanded the Creation of An Invisible TikTok Account to Boost propaganda to the West

According to reports, the CCP government wanted to open an account on TikTok for propaganda purposes in an attempt to “promote content” and “show the best of China.” The report said that the account, which did not want to be seen publicly as a government entity, was rejected by the company.

Previously, U.S. Republican senators had questioned TikTok’s data storage and access policies. Last month, TikTok said that all of its data about U.S. users was stored on US-based servers operated by Oracle.

The company told U.S. senators that CCP’s officials have never asked for data on U.S. users, and even if CCP’s officials asked, it would never be provided. TikTok is under investigation by U.S. officials over the foreign investment posing a risk to U.S. national security.

Former President Donald Trump has disputed TikTok’s security data and tried to force ByteDance to sell its U.S. subsidiary to Oracle. Trump also issued an order to ban TikTok in America, but the order did not go into effect and was revoked by President Joe Biden, However, the U.S. president asked government officials to investigate the risks associated with foreign ownership of social media sites and apps.

TikTok has said that even if Biden administration officials are keen to investigate the company, the company stores all data of U.S. users on Oracle. TikTok has reportedly created a new U.S. data security system to strengthen its protection policies and address user security concerns.

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