The CCP Conducts Live-Fire Exercises Outside Taiwan Near US Aircraft Carrier Group During Pelosi’s Trip to Asia

It was reported on July 30th that with US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s pending possible trip to Taipei, the US military has now turned a naval strike group led by the USS Ronald Reagan to the South China Sea. Biden had previously commented that the Pentagon hoped her to cancel her visit to Taiwan.

 The USS Ronald Reagan left Singapore and is patrolling waters near Communist China, while Beijing is flexing near its islands for maritime exercises. It’s worrisome that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) issued threats to take “forceful measures” if necessary. A video shows that a large number of American fighter jets fly towards the South China Sea, with destroyers below.

 Pelosi is currently flying over the Pacific for a scheduled tour of Asia that will stop in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. She is expected to make an early stop in Taiwan. If she goes to Taiwan, it is estimated that she will be on a military transport plane — likely with US fighter jets escort — which infuriates Beijing.

 The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media outlets have issued strong warnings that the PLA has the right to intercept, which is an aggression and a violation of the CCP’s sovereignty. The CCP’s foreign ministry has warned of all options, including military action if Pelosi goes to Taiwan. It’s reported the PLA navy was preparing to conduct live-fire exercises in its self-ruled waters outside Taiwan. As the USS Reagan headed for the South China Sea, there were reports that some CCP’s destroyers began to follow.

 Communist Chinese state-run media Global Times said, “Don’t say we didn’t warn you!”

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