Behind the CCP’s Inability to Block Pelosi’s Tour to Taiwan Are Their Swiss Assets

On July 31, Mr. Guo revealed great news: the CCP’s so-called military conflict in the Taiwan Strait would not happen, and the CCP would not hit the plane Pelosi flight. There is no way that CCP can do more military aggression against Taiwan, such as sealing the sea and the island. Militarily speaking, they neither dare to fight nor have the ability to fight. The important thing is that the CCP hid many stolen national assets in Switzerland, which has already taken a stand. This is more powerful than the US aircraft carriers. Switzerland said that if the CCP dares to provoke a military dispute in the Taiwan Strait, it will cooperate with the United States and the West to impose a series of sanctions on the CCP, including publicizing their assets and repatriating their family members back to Communist China. Finally, the CCP has to kneel down. Meanwhile, the CCP’s media issued an article claiming that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan only represents a person, not the United States.

 Mr. Guo also broke the news that after Pelosi’s return, it could be possible that US Vice President Harris will also visit Taiwan. And the US aircraft carriers and military will be long-term stationed in the Taiwan Sea from now on, with a siege position to the South China Sea, blocking the CCP’s aircraft carriers. Such as three big cats guarding the entrance of a mouse hole. From August 1, all actions toward Hong Kong will also begin. Europe and the United States will lead in repealing Hong Kong’s national security law, sanctioning Hong Kong officials and economy, withdrawing all Hong Kong investments, and decoupling all from the US dollar. By 2024, the CCP’s economy will have collapsed, and Xi Jinping’s physical health will be on the verge of death. With internal and external troubles, he will have no choice but to sign the Treaty Agreement: Hong Kong must return to the international community. The additional conditions of the Treaty Agreement include that Taiwan has no independence and no invading Taiwan. In terms of the massacre in Xinjiang, the West will not investigate further; in return, the CCP must release the people from the reeducation camps.

 In conclusion, Mr. Guo mentioned that any extreme or impulsive action would bear a heavy price. China needs peaceful evolution, military conflict is not an option, and the current course is towards the most desirable outcome.

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