Court Hearing for Miles Guo Chapter 11 Case to Take Place Again on August 1

Since the last July 21 court hearings, after a series of motions and objections from both Miles Guo and the appointed trustee, Luc A. Despins, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Connecticut is scheduled to hold another court hearing again on Aug 1, 2022, EDT.

 July 15, 2022, Miles filed the Rule 9024 Motion for relief from the order appointing Luc A. Despins as Chapter 11 Trustee. 

 During the July 21 Status Conference before the Court, Miles’ counsel specifically asked the Court to enter an order prohibiting discovery, if the Court was not going to permit Miles to take discovery in support of his Rule 9024 Motion. Until the report, the Court has not entered an order prohibiting Miles from conducting discovery.

 On July 22, the Court issued a Scheduling Order/Pretrial Order, setting a number of matters down for hearing on August 1, 2022, including the Rule 9024 Motion, and establishing deadlines by which parties were to submit briefing. Significantly, the Scheduling Order, which entered the day after the Status Conference, is silent on the issue of discovery. Thus, far from prohibiting discovery, the Court left Miles to do “whatever his counsel thinks is appropriate” as it related to discovery, and Miles counsel thus served discovery on Paul Hastings, LLP (“Paul Hastings”), the law firm of which Luc A. Despins is a member.Miles’ counsel believes the primary and only properly briefed basis for the relief sought in the Motion to Quash is the Court’s purported prohibition on conducting discovery; if no such prohibition exists, the Motion to Quash should be denied.

 After the Scheduling Order was issued, Miles’ counsel served a document subpoena and a deposition subpoena on Paul Hastings; and requested that requests that the Court deny the Motion to Quash and enter an order compelling Paul Hastings to comply with the Document Subpoena by producing responsive documents within Five days of the date of the Court’s Order and Paul Hastings to produce a corporate representative who is knowledgeable about the topics identified in the Deposition Subpoena and competent to testify on behalf of Paul Hastings for a deposition within seven days of the date of the Court’s order.

 Since the case involves multiple parties with significant legal, finance, and political backgrounds, it has received a magnificent following from around the world, please tune in to the Aug 1 court hearing live broadcast on Gettr @RealFayFay at 12 PM Aug 1 EDT.

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