U.S. Navy Develops Water-Based Drones to Combat Communist China’s Pacing Challenge

It was reported on July 31st that the U.S. has already begun researching new types of weapons to help keep pace with Communist China’s military development and continue to deter a potential invasion of Taiwan.

 U.S. military officers have repeatedly stressed that they consider Communist China the main “pacing challenge” for development and engagement, meaning Beijing is a competitor who has made significant progress toward challenging U.S. defense strategy.

 The Navy has identified water-based drones as an effective and affordable means of delaying the challenge: the Navy’s 5th Fleet has deployed small drones of this nature in waters off the Middle East.

 The four largest drones currently deployed will participate in the multi-nation naval exercises in the Pacific this summer.

 Compared to Communist China’s growing fleet, these drones would allow the Navy to maintain fleet size while hitting three targets: weapons range, scouting, and command and control. The technology would also avoid high-cost problems that occurred with traditional ships in recent years.

 The Navy’s budget for the new fiscal year includes $433 million for “crewless surface fleets.”

 The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) goal to become the world’s dominant power and through investing heavily in its military has caused the U.S. Pentagon to apply to Congress for a lot of funding for upgrades. In reality, the CCP military is an army like a paper tiger, survived by faking, cheating, and stealing, coupled with the illusion created by false propaganda. It is all exposed at a critical moment through Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The CCP army dares not to fight; nor has the ability to fight. But it is only for a month talking to deceive their people.

 Miles Guo revealed in a live broadcast that since Aug. 1st this year, the U.S. Army will permanently station in the Asia-Pacific region.

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