The Continued Incarceration Of Miles Guo Is Due To The Infiltration Of The DOJ II

Miles Guo’s lawyer argues that the US government bizarrely refuses to concede that since at least 2017, Guo has been the primary focus of the CCP’s disinformation and propaganda machine and the victim of numerous attacks aimed at repatriating him to China, shutting down his dissent, or both. Anyone with a brain realises that if Miles Guo were ever to be forced back to communist mainland China he would be imprisoned, tortured, and then killed. There are people within the US Department of Justice and the larger judicial system who have been compromised by the evil CCP. There are traceable financial ties and other forms of leverage that enable the CCP to use agents, prosecutors, and lawyers like puppets on a string. The DOJ’s accusations against Miles Guo mirror the contrived accusations of Chinese Communist Party agents. The driving force and the true purpose of the CCP’s secret police stations in New York and indeed all over the US have been simply to destroy Miles Guo. This latest case is just part of the ongoing lawfare intended to arrest, capture, and likely kill Miles Guo because he is a threat to the CCP’s anti-USA agenda. This whole dirty episode shines a light on the fact that if the CCP can get away with doing this to Miles Guo, they can do it to absolutely anyone that the dictatorial regime of communist China imagines is any kind of threat to their autocratic and totalitarian regime. Miles Guo deserves to at least be granted bail, so he can continue to shine his light on the corruption, infiltration, and infestation of the US judicial system. It seems that everyone gets bail apart from Miles Guo, Miles Guo is not a criminal he is a whistleblower that is telling the world just how evil the CCP actually is. Surely in “the land of the free” Miles Guo should receive bail so that a full and incredibly thorough investigation can be carried out to once and forever get to the bottom of this politically motivated ‘witch hunt’ of an innocent man.

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