Phoenix TV is PLA owned, a top spy couple Bruno Wu and Yang Lan honey trap story revealed by Miles Guo

On 18 Apr 2023, Nicole, the representative of New Federal State of China interviewed at Real America’s voice program revealed that Phoenix TV is spreading the CCP propaganda on American soil. Phoenix TV is owned by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army ( PLA) and this media has gained access to White House. Recently, Phoenix TV launched a program to attack Miles Guo with misinformation and disinformation. Nicole also mentioned American news media Mother Jones, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and New York Times, these have been taken tens of millions dollars from the CCP, they are part of the CCP propaganda helper in U.S.. The founder and the chairman of Phoenix TV is Liu Changle , who is the former officer in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Texas Senator Ted Cruz , he slammed Phoenix TV has been waging information warfare in the US for years. Phoenix TV’s famous host Yang Lan, she is Bruno Wu ‘s wife. Bruno Wu is U.S. registered foreign agent for CCP government. Both are very active among rich people’s circle in overseas. Miles Guo broke the news on his livestream in 2018, Bruno Wu and Yang Lan are the top well-trained spy by the CCP who targeted foreign politicians and elites. Yang Lan was selected and trained by PLA. She is good at set up honey trap for the target person. Miles told a well-known story from the insiders, Yang’s turning trick is to knock on the person’ s room door and ask for searching the room for her lost key. She would wear mini skirt with lesser inside and seduce the person with sexy posture. Miles Guo knows too much confidential information of the CCP, that’s why Xi Jinping is willing to pay at any cost to silence him, even offered in exchange CIA prisoners in China for Miles life sentience in U.S. jail. Americans have to stand up to stop the CCP.

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