A letter to FBI demanding information on the CCP police station in U.S.

FBI could not answer basic questions regarding the CCP illegal police stations in U.S. It prompted Congressman Mike Gallagher to send a letter to FBI demanding more information of these threats. Congressman Gallagher said this is unacceptable, the Select Committee has to get involved to follow up with FBI, such threat is clear violation of America sovereignty. While the FBI failed to answer those basic questions like how many CCP secret police stations in US, actually a NGO has already given the answers. A NGO called Safeguard Defenders released an investigation report on CCP oversea police stations in Sep 2022, it mapped 4 CCP police stations in U.S. and how the CCP agents secretly influenced U.S. politicians. So, how could the FBI not knowing these information as it is widely available at internet? Is there black hands to block the investigation of these significant threats by CCP in U.S.? On 28 Apr Fox News program, Congressman Gallagher said he demands answers from FBI for these questions. Did they know about the illegal Chinese police station on American soil before the Safeguard Defenders’ report? Are there any more illegal police stations on America soil, and what is the FBI doing about it? The Select Committee is disappointed with FBI response and they requested FBI to answer them by end of May. Miles Guo was taken away by FBI on 15 March, he is the CCP No.1 enemy and still behind the bar without bail. While there was only FBI agents at Guo ‘s apartment after Guo left for 6 hours, a suspicious fire broke out at his apartment and burned for nearly two hours. So far that is no information for this fire investigation , no one knows how many documents had been burnt. The Select Committee should also look at this suspicious fire, it could link to the CCP black hands in the FBI.

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