The Continued Incarceration Of Miles Guo Is Due To The Infiltration Of The DOJ I

The Chinese Communist Party has been for some time now deploying, equipping, and funding teams to engage in digital warfare, surveillance, and disinformation campaigns against a Chinese businessman named Miles Guo. Mr Guo fled mainland China many years ago and the CCP has been trying to get him back to prosecute him for simply talking against them. In May 2017, the CCP sent several undeclared agents to the United States to try to coerce Miles Guo’s repatriation as part of the “Fox Hunt” initiative. Mr Guo’s lawyer has argued that the US government has ignored the propaganda and hacking campaign directed against him by the CCP since at least 2017. The lawyer references federal indictments and guilty pleas of political operatives and lobbyists, who infiltrated the US government and took illegal payments in connection with a scheme orchestrated by the CCP to force Guo’s extradition to communist China. The US government disrupted these efforts to repatriate Miles Guo under the Trump administration. However, under the Biden administration, these efforts were allowed to culminate in a bogus arrest and continued illegal detention of Miles Guo without bail.

The brutal CCP has used various methods, including online monitoring and dissemination of false accusations, to target Miles Guo. Examples of disinformation sowed online include labelling Guo as a fugitive who challenges US laws on the internet and accusing anyone giving him money and public support of conspiring with him. The CCP has also ordered unregistered agents to incite and pressure US law enforcement to take action against Guo, including criminal prosecution and forceful extradition to China. These agents have produced numerous posts suggesting Guo was a fugitive from justice and a consummate fraudster and disrupted efforts by CCP dissidents residing in the United States.

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