Singling Out The CCP Form China And Chinese People Saved All Chinese On The Planet

Miles Guo’s proposal and promotion that “the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not equal to China and the Chinese people” has saved all domestic and overseas Chinese people. Miles revealed in a January 17th Gettr post that he wanted to thank followers in Taiwan for their involvement in the great events that helped lay the important foundation for the New Federal State of China (NFSC). At the same time, Miles Guo mentioned that according to informants in Communist China, the CCP is extremely upset because of the latest developments that Washington is trying to draw a clear line between the CCP and China, which reportedly led to Xi’s outrage in an internal meeting. According to Miles, Western countries, led by the United States, are increasingly aware of the difference between China and the communist dictatorship, which will certainly make many overseas Chinese, and those international students safer. More importantly, Miles noted that at an internal CCP high-ranking meeting on Friday, someone went ahead and told Xi directly that he should be prepared for Putin to be removed, and another Soviet Union collapse would soon happen in nowadays Russia. Xi is said to have been extremely angry and shouted at the person who mentioned this issue, for what Xi saw as insinuations about him and the CCP. Miles believes that shouting is merely a sign of weakness, the world is in the process of shifting, the crimes of the CCP have become more visible to more people. The collaboration to take down the CCP has become stronger, and the determination and effort of the NFSC to overthrow the communist dictatorship cannot be ignored.

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