New York Supreme Court Overturns COVID Vaccine Mandate

Media reports on January 13 show that New York Supreme Court Judge Gerard J. Neri declared that the statewide mandatory CCP virus vaccine for medical personnel was “null, void, and of no effect”. The Judge ruled that the state government and the health department had exceeded their powers. At the same time, it banned the state from making mandatory vaccination outside the scope of the public health law. The judge wrote in the judgment that New York Governor Kathy Hochul and the state health department went beyond their functions and circumvented state legislatures to impose a permanent mandatory CCP virus vaccine on medical personnel. Based on overwhelming evidence that the vaccine provided did not prevent the spread of the virus. Judge Neri concluded that the injunction was “arbitrary and capricious” terms defined by entities at will and can be changed without any notice and contain all the ‘absurd markings, which is not scientific at all.” The ruling comes after a lawsuit filed by the medical professionals Informed Consent Group, a group of medical professionals heavily affected by the negative impact of the vaccine injunctions, who either lost their jobs or were about to lose their jobs. Sujata Gibson, lead attorney for the plaintiff, said in a statement that it was a huge victory for New York medical workers and all New Yorkers because they faced an unprecedented shortage of medical staff. Observers said that given that the U.S. legal system is case law, the New York decision will be a milestone that will end the vaccine mandate in the United States and the world. The most extensive physical abuse in history, enormous abuse of public power, and possibly the biggest genocide scandal in human history will all come out to light with this jurisprudence.

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