Cardiologist Interviewed By BBC That Vaccine Does Cause The Cardiovascular Disease

The BBC interviewed Dr. Asim Malhotra, a cardiologist on January 13. Malhotra said that there is definite evidence that the CCP virus vaccine causes cardiovascular disease and even death, and the continued promotion of the vaccine should be stopped immediately. During the interview, Dr. Malhotra warned the public that mRNA vaccines do carry a risk of triggering cardiovascular diseases, with 30,000 excess deaths from heart disease since the pandemic. For this reason, he called for a moratorium on the promotion of the vaccine pending an investigation. He added that his own father died of cardiac arrest, most likely due to two doses of the Pfizer vaccine six months earlier. The BBC host interrupted and asked if the link between mRNA vaccines and cardiovascular risk had been scientifically proven, and the doctor answered in the affirmative. Dr. Malhotra is known as a mainstream cardiologist in the UK, a consultant to the National Honor Society (NHS), listed as one of the Times 500 most influential people, twice recognized as one of 50 Pioneers for Black and Minority Ethnic BME community members in the NHS. He was once an advocate of vaccination against the CCP virus, however, he completely changed his attitude because of the death of his father, the vice chairman of the British Medical Association, caused by a sudden cardiac arrest, and confirmed by the autopsy that it was the result of the vaccination. On September 28 last year, he risked the end of his career by making an important announcement that the vaccine was not safe, was more dangerous than ever, and required a global moratorium. Analysts pointed out that this 7-minute video interview broadcast by the BBC marked the arrival of different voices from the medical science community to the public, breaking through the information barrier set up by the mainstream media to expose the truth about viruses and vaccines. On the 13th, the CDC and FDA acknowledged the link between the CCP virus vaccine and stroke and are about to launch an investigation. With the U.S. House of Representatives initiated the traceability of the CCP virus, the truth about the vaccine is slowly emerging.

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