US Physician Calls For Immediate Suspension Of mRNA Vaccine As Serious Adverse Events Increase

Joseph Fraiman, a Louisiana emergency physician and clinical scientist, has called for an immediate suspension of injections of the mRNA vaccines for the CCP virus, as it has been increasingly proven to cause serious harm to human bodies, as foreign media reported on January 12th. Fraiman was the lead author of the study “Serious Adverse Events of Special Concern Following mRNA-Mediated Combination Vaccination in Adult Randomized Trials,” published in August 2022. At the publication time, he and his co-authors did not yet see the need to withdraw the mRNA vaccine. However, after the study was published, he re-assessed his position as new evidence emerged. Based on his extensive research, Fraiman found that the rate of pulmonary embolism in those who received the Pfizer vaccine was 54% higher than in those who did not. In addition, several autopsy studies have found conclusive evidence that the CCP virus vaccine induces sudden cardiac death. Fraiman believes that the mRNA vaccine needs to be removed from the market in light of this information, and there is a special report relating to the Chinese Communist Party.

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