The US FBI Issued An Advertisement Looking For Victims Of The CCP’s “Transnational Repression”

Foreign media reported on January 11 that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is using Facebook ads to find Chinese Americans who have been maliciously harassed or stalked online by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents. This is the latest development in a months-long crackdown by US law enforcement agencies against the CCP’s “transnational repression.” According to the report, in two Chinese-language advertisements targeting Facebook users in the Philadelphia area, the FBI was looking for victims who had been subject to online stalking, physical harassment, cyber harassment, physical assault, and blackmail. The FBI hopes these individuals should contact the local FBI office in Philadelphia as soon as possible.

The FBI said that many victims do not necessarily know that transnational repression is illegal. Therefore, the FBI is working hard to let the American people understand what transnational repression is, what methods the CCP use, and how to report to the FBI.

According to the FBI’s list, targets of transnational repression include political and human rights activists, dissidents, journalists, political opponents, and ethnic minority or religious groups. The primary purpose of transnational repression is to silence the voices of their own citizens, to gather information for their own governments, and to coerce them to return to their home countries. The FBI listed nine types of transnational repression: stalking, harassment, cyber-attacks, beatings, attempted kidnapping, forcing or threatening victims to return to their home countries, threatening or detaining relatives living in their home countries, freezing financial assets, and spreading false information online.

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