False Allegations Are Being Crushed At The Protest Site Through Action, Wisdom, And Facts

On January 7th, the protest launched by the New Federal State of China against the Pacific Alliance Group (PAG) and Paul Hastings LLP entered its 49th day.

In addition to meeting many kind and understanding people throughout the protests, the fellow fighters also ran across several hostile incidents including false allegations and deliberate framing, nevertheless, the fellow fighters used their wisdom and actions to handle each of these incidents one at a time. The fellow fighters from the frontline claimed that a police officer informed them that they were being the subject of a complaint for breaking the rules.

When the fellow fighters enquired about evidence, the police replied that they lacked any. Then, our fellow fighters informed the police officers that our protests and demonstrations had been videotaped and recorded the entire time, and we can offer the police any proof they require to demonstrate the legitimacy and compliance of our actions.

Obviously, we all welcome the police to install recording equipment at any moment if they feel the need to do so and because of the candour and openness of our brave, honest and passionate fellow fighters, the deceitful rumours and false accusations fall apart at the corrupt and complicit feet of these sinister opposing forces trying to hide the evil truth.

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