CCP Legalizes Group Cremation As Bodies Pile Up

The ongoing severe outbreak in Communist China has resulted in the miserable situation that piles of deceased in cities and rural regions are taking too long to be cremated. More tragically, Human life has always been the most unworthy asset in the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but it becomes the most lucrative business once a person dies. On January 2nd, Miles Guo released the breaking news in the Gettr video that in Communist China, there are 120 ambulances no longer being use for rescuing lives and some police cars are no longer being use to patrol and protect the citizens; instead, they have transformed into hearses for making money by transporting corpses from the wealthiest for cremation. In order to conceal the fact of the high domestic death rate, the CCP officials ordered all crematoriums across the nation to adopt a 24-hour shift system. Even order them to abandon the ineffective “one body in a cremator at a time”, since there is no set of regulation on cremation, the CCP is providing a legal basis for “cremating multiple bodies at the same time in one cremator” which is establishing a legal foundation to support the idea of burning all bodies out as quick as possible. Miles lamented that the CCP has turned China into a pure misery country where people do not resemble people, and ghosts do not resemble ghosts. He appealed to the domestic people to remain awakened. And in fact, the CCP is more aware than anyone that the vaccines are main cause of the current outbreak and that the vaccine disaster is only just getting started.

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