WHO Again Urges CCP To Share Data On CCP Virus Outbreak

On December 30th, the WHO again urged health officials in Communist China to regularly share additional genetic sequencing data in the country, as well as real-time information on CCP virus hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccination status, while continuing to assess the latest surge in infections, according to official WHO news.

The WHO emphasizes the importance of surveillance and timely release of data to help Communist China and the international community develop accurate risk assessments and to inform effective responses to new outbreaks.

In addition, the WHO has invited scientists from Communist China to provide detailed data on virus sequencing at the January 3rd meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on CCP virus evolution. People seem to get used to the CCP’s cover-up and data falsification about the CCP virus, however, reality is always beyond imagination. For example, on December 24th, the National Health Commission released data on new confirmed cases in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government in Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps; the number of infections in Zhejiang was only 30.

While the Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission announced on the 25th, the number of new confirmed positive cases in Zhejiang has exceeded 1 million per day, which is 30,000 times more than the official data released by the National Health Commission. This huge difference shocked the world.

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