US House Calls For Immediate Removal Of TikTok From All Devices

US media reported on December 27 that the Chief Administrative Office of the House of Representatives sent emails to staff and legislators, informing TikTok that it had been banned from all devices managed by the House of Representatives, and that the policy “effective immediately.” The news came on Tuesday after Congress passed a bill last week to ban TikTok from executive branch government devices. The House of Representatives is now taking action to bring its policy into line with this requirement for the executive branch in the legislation.

The content of the email shows that the Cyber Security Office believes that the TikTok mobile application has many security risks and poses a high risk to users. For context, the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2023 required executive brand agencies to begin removing social networking service TikTok, or any successor apps or services developed or offered by ByteDance Ltd. Meanwhile, the House Management Committee has authorized the Office of Cyber Security to implement this policy for the House.

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