U.S. Intends To Provide Taiwan With Anti-Tank Weapon Systems

On December 28th, the U.S. Department of Defense revealed that the Biden administration had approved a $180 million arms sale to Taiwan which includes the U.S. Volcano Anti-Tank Mining system. The weapon, much like a submunition, can throw a large number of M87A1 anti-tank mines in a matter of minutes. The program is currently pending congressional approval.

Taiwan submitted a procurement request to the United States in January of this year, with the goal of purchasing 14 mining vehicles. Taiwan is surrounded by roughly a dozen beaches that could be used for landings. If the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) invades Taiwan by force, the Volcano Mine vehicles can quickly mine these beaches and delay the PLA. Anti-tank mines can also protect the friendly ground from enemy sneak attacks. It is reported that this is the eighth time during President Biden’s term that he has approved arms sales to Taiwan.

On December 29th, President Joe Biden also signed the 2023 U.S. government appropriations bill, which includes provisions authorizing a $2 billion loan to Taiwan to purchase weapons from the United States. Meanwhile, the appropriations bill does not include provisions for grants worth $10 billion for Taiwan to purchase U.S.-made weapons, as authorized in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023.

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