the Confidence of Comrades and the Fragility of Enemies

On December 28th, the protest against Pacific Alliance Group (PAG) and Paul Hastings Law Firm by the New Federal State of China entered its 39th day. The fellow fighters grew more and more self-assured as they went along. During the demonstration, a fellow fighter protesting in front of Luc’s home in Connecticut remarked that the protest was of enormous significance and helped the fellow fighters come to recognize their own power and grow braver. When we fearlessly confront the wicked forces of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its running dogs, the CCP will show its true colors and appear as “paper tigers.” All of us, including our compatriots in Communist China, must first fortify our hearts and then learn how to confront and fight against evil with the wisdom that God has bestowed upon us. The CCP must be those who will flee.

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