Ivermectin Is The World’s Safest And Most Effective Drug

Since 1975, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been publishing the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines – a list of the safest, most effective medicines that meet the most basic needs. Countries also use the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines globally to help them develop lists of essential medicines according to localized needs in each region.

As a broad-acting antiparasitic, Ivermectin was included in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines as early as 1987, as seen on the WHO website. Ivermectin has been added to the list of essential drugs as a standard medication for the treatment of nearly a dozen different diseases since 2011. Apart from ivermectin being highly efficacious, the safety of the drug has also been widely tested in the past decades.
In 2015, Campbell, an American biologist, was awarded the Nobel Prize with Omura Satoshi, a Japanese scientist, for discovering a new class of drugs with extraordinary efficacy against parasitic diseases – Ivermectin.

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