Voice Of NFSC Protesters: It’s Our Duty

On December 23rd, it is the 34th day of the New Federal State of China (NFSC)’s Say No to Evil protest. As Christmas approaches, people are sitting comfortably at home with their family enjoying the precious and cheerful holiday season. But our fellow fighters did not stop for a moment and continued on the front lines to protest. The weather in Connecticut was freezing, and there was rain all day. The temperature also dropped from 10 degrees Celsius above to below 10 degrees. 10 NFSC fighters protested at Luc’s residence, despite the cold and harsh weather.

NFSC fellow fighters were dressing themselves properly to keep themselves warm and took care of one another. In this cold weather, better fit ones volunteered to take the responsibility so that those who needed a rest could better prepare themselves.

When Zion Wen, who was protesting at New York’s Grand Central Terminal, was asked what motivated him to persistently stick to the front line, Wen quoted a Chinese student who participated in the June 4, 1989 protests as saying, “This is my duty.” It is the historical responsibility of the NFSC to take down the Chinese Communist Party.

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