Thank-You Christmas Flowers Sent By Fellow Fighters At The Luc Protest Site

On December 23rd, the fellow fighters participating in a protest outside Luc’s house in Greenwich, Connecticut, brought delicately prepared flowers and cards to nearby neighbors and hospitals as a way of showing appreciation for their support and convenience.

Despite the full-day protest that was supposed to end at 5 p.m. bound for home, the fellow fighters had a final task to finish. Even though it got entirely dark, they still wished to express their gratitude and blessings to the people who are living near Luc’s house. For the past dozens of days, the fellow fighters have been complying with the laws and regulations at the protest site; they take care of the surrounding environment, and do not disturb the nearby residents.

The fellow fighters peacefully stand there with signs to denounce conscienceless attorneys in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to make dark money, and furthermore to persecute the fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China by judicial unrestricted warfare. The local neighbors gradually transition from concerns to unspoken understanding and support. The New Federal State of China has always promoted the idea of gratitude. The best reward to the fellow fighters is a “Thank you very much” when the neighbors accept the flowers.

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