Vaccine Disaster Will Cost Human Society A Huge Price

On December 24th, Miles Guo revealed that recent COVID outbreaks in mainland China is the result of collateral damage incurred by COVID vaccine. People with different physiological, environmental and societal situations would experience varied results. In such an intricate situation, there is no clear solution. Even worse, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is occupied with censoring authentic news about the outbreak, trying to blame this wave of outbreak on Blank Paper Movement protesters, who are expressing distress over the “Zero-COVID” policy and demanding the government to step down.

Miles said that while infection of the virus is ebbing around the world and the end of the pandemic may soon be announced, the disaster in mainland China is just about to begin. Dead bodies can be found filling in funeral facilities, and patients are flooding hospitals all around the country. The lives of the ordinary in China are meaningless in the CCP’s eye, and many ignorant and pompous people turned a blind eye on the communist regime’s brutality.

In short, lack of respect for the heavenly existence for the Chinese people caused such a disaster on the land. The world economy is heading towards recession. In response to the pandemic, governments around the world chose to print money to alleviate the decline. People are facing the biggest economic bubble in history and do not yet realize that danger is near. The fomenting catastrophe in mainland China is a combination of vaccine collateral damage and Chinese people’s health condition. It will not only destroy the health of the population even further, but also bring down the entire world economy. This is the inevitable result because the democracies indulged the communist dictatorship.

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