Florida Supreme Court Rules Gov. DeSantis Can Impanel COVID-19 Vaccine Grand Jury

On December 23, Dr. Naomi Wolf said on Bannon’s WarRoom show that it was great news that the Florida Supreme Court had approved the state to impanel a grand jury to investigate COVID-19 vaccine makers. Also, this will allow Florida to establish a “Public Health Integrity Committee” to break away from the CDC’s recommendations.

Dr. Wolf highly praised Gov. DeSantis and the state Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo for the petition, because it will allow Florida to have the jurisdiction to start criminal investigations regarding misconduct related to the CCP virus vaccines, that is, COVID vaccines. She said this would allow the state to base on the autopsy result, armed with more scientific data of the sudden deaths from individuals receiving the CCP virus vaccines. This would avoid the horror of cremating the deceased who died of the CCP virus vaccine without the consent of the family members, and the legal disputes about tissue samples. Additionally, she accused the CDC of using a certain statistical algorithm to eliminate 32,000 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis to cover up evidence of mass vaccine injuries. In addition, she pointed out that since the Florida Supreme Court approved Governor DeSantis’ grand jury request to investigate mRNA vaccine manufacturers and to release all their data, making it impossible for these vaccine makers to hide any facts they wanted to. Hence, these new actions will expose many crimes and misconduct, “this is huge!” said Dr. Wolf.

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