Overcrowded Hospital Emergency Rooms In Shanghai And Hong Kong

As the infection outbreak continues in Communist China, long lines of patients waiting for medical treatment have been seen outside of the major hospitals’ emergency room in Shanghai. Some patients said that they were only able to get 2 Ibuprofen tablets after waiting for 4 to 5 hours, and as a result, many of the patients argued with the doctors. Some patients even fainted while waiting due to physical exhaustion.

On the other hand, a doctor at Shanghai Tongji Hospital said that they had tried their best to treat critically ill patients as much as they can. Most of the doctors finish their meals along with the change of medical scrubs in less than half an hour. Some doctors who had been infected with COVID (also known as the CCP virus) still continued to work. But the hospital continues to see a constant influx of patients. This doctor predicted that this situation will last for a while.

Hong Kong is also undergoing an infection outbreak and it is as restless as the mainland. Although the Centre for Health Protection under the Hong Kong Department of Health has repeatedly stressed that the epidemic has stabilized, the waiting time at the emergency centres of many public hospitals, including Caritas Medical Centre and Princess Margaret Hospital have exceeded eight hours. The number of hospital admissions has continued to rise daily for a week as Hong Kong media reported.

The people in Hong Kong are afraid that the government officials only care about their jobs and follow the CCP’s leads without giving a second thought and the infection outbreak might cripple Hong Kong again.

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