Covid Infection Outbreak in Communist China Occurred Since October

It was reported on December 20th, a senior official in Beijing’s Political and Legal Affairs Commission exposed that the recent Covid or CCP virus infection outbreak can be dated back to as early as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s 20th Congress, which was held from October 16th – 22nd. But the CCP didn’t report it. After the CCP abruptly announced to lift all the prevention measures, the medical system was overloaded and collapsed. Many people died because they were not able to get any medical treatments, and funeral homes and mortuaries were overwhelmed with a large number of inquiries.

According to this official, during the period between CCP’s 20th congress and the White Paper Movement, cluster infections already appeared in Beijing’s major hospitals. Therefore, by early December, the situation was completely out of control. Many elderly patients in major hospitals died, and many others were still in critical condition. The daily number of death skyrocketed, yet there was a long waiting list of seven days to be cremated. He also exposed that one of his relatives contracted with the CCP virus in this period, but had been going from one hospital to another in Beijing. Because his relative couldn’t receive good medical treatment, his situation worsened and died shortly. However, on his death certificate, it said the cause of death was from urinary tract infection and it took five days before being cremated.

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