People Are Furious Yet Again by CCP’s Tyrannical New Rule

According to reports from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s media, many municipal governments have recently updated, the CCP virus (Covid) prevention measures again, to require people who are infected by asymptomatic or with mild symptoms to go to work, instead of resting at home. For example, in Zhejiang Province, the Pandemic Prevention and Control Office announced that a person who is infected but asymptomatic should still go to work by using personal protective equipment, and only to seek medical treatment after his condition worsens.

In the city of Chongqing, the local government suggested that a civil servant or anyone infected but asymptomatic or with mild symptoms should go back to work. A hospital in Hunan Province issued a proposal, encouraging medical staff to continue to work unless they are seriously ill, to meet the medical needs of the public.

On the other hand, the largest infection surge disrupts the economy. People are getting less pay so they have to go back to work. A man who is infected with the CCP virus revealed that his wife works in a local medium-sized supermarket. Almost everyone who works there is infected with the CCP virus. But the management requires everyone to go to work whether he has a cough or a sore throat, and to stay home only after he develops a fever. Thus, everyone is coughing one after another throughout the supermarket.

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