Medical Experts Predict Surge Of Seriously Ill Patients In Beijing Within Two Weeks

Dr Wang Guangfa from Respiratory ICU at Peking University People’s Hospital recently revealed in an interview that the outbreak in Beijing is very serious and predicted an hike in the number of seriously ill patients in one or two weeks. Dr Wang urged all medical institutions to prepare as early as possible.

Dr Wang said that the strain of the virus currently prevalent in Beijing is dominated by the BF.7 variant. The majority of people who are infected will show some symptoms at the initial stage, but 5 to 7 days after being infected, people will become seriously ill, leading to a combination of symptoms such as severe pneumonia, respiratory failure, and acute respiratory distress. Therefore, the Respiratory ICU of major hospitals in Beijing will face the serious challenge.

He pointed out that common cold medicine or fever relief is not really effective for patients who are at higher risk. Only early use of proper antiviral drugs can help the patients. In addition, many people are also infected with the CCP virus which is Covid, in the south of China, but most of them only experience mild symptoms. In general, there is a shortage of medical personnel and medical supplies throughout the country, so how to balance the medical resources will also be a major test for the medical community.

Dr. Wang predicts that the peak of the epidemic will last until the Chinese New Year, January 22nd, 2023, and that regular life will return maybe after late February and early March when it is warmer. But northern China might be rattled with another wave of infections after the centrally controlled heating system stops in late spring.

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