Famous American Hip-hop Artist Topher Talks About Destroying The CCP With Music

On December 17, at the AMFEST Conference NFSC live studio in Phoenix, famous American rapper Christopher “Topher” Townsend was interviewed by reporter Nicole about why he wants to use music to destroy the communist dictatorship. The fundamental reason is that he does not want to see the Chinese Communist Party weaken or even destroy America from within through infiltration. Topher is an independent hip-hop artist who believes in Christian conservatism and has many songs that have charted on the Billboard. Speaking about “Take Down the CCP” and “Fight For Hong Kong,” two of the most popular Anti-CCP songs, Topher believes that music is the easiest way to get countless people around the world to join the battle to destroy the CCP because it can resonate beyond words. Having served in the military, he knows that one should fight for freedom and defend the constitution. It is for this reason that America is one of the greatest nations in the world Talking about the evil CCP and what it has done, Topher believes that all people should come together and fight against evil. Taking TikTok, infamous CCP spyware as an example, he speaks of Beijing’s attempts to turn America into a weak nation by weakening American education, sapping the American sense of resistance, and slowly changing the American worldview, among other means, until America is destroyed from within. And he does not want to see this happen. He wants to be a role model for his two daughters to speak out for freedom and fight against the Chinese regime, which is a problem facing the entire free world.

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