American Patriots: We Are The Swore Enemy Of The Chinese Communist Party

On December 17, Michael Seifert, the founder and CEO of the American technology company, PiblicSq., was interviewed in the NFSC Live studio at the AMFEST conference in Phoenix. He spoke about the Chinese Communist Party’s use of investments to heavily infiltrate U.S. technology companies and ultimately weaponize them to use against Americans and people around the world. In response to a question about how he chooses his investors and partners, Mr. Seifert said a patriot put the interests of his country and people above all else, and they made sure all investors and partners are patriots who prioritize liberty above everything else. Therefore, American patriots must recognize the important reality of the moment, which is that the CCP has infiltrated Silicon Valley to an unparalleled degree.

He added that social media platforms can have a huge impact on culture, especially on the minds of the next generation. The CCP did everything to put its puppets on the boards of these companies so that they can control the next generation and empower the bureaucratic state to weaponize their power against the American people and the people of the world. This is dangerous. Therefore, he needs to stand up and declare we are the sworn enemy of the CCP. He needs to be bold about these claims in order to ensure that the company will not be penetrated and influenced by the CCP. He is aware that it will create challenges, but it will be worth it because we don’t have other options.

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