Deaths From CCP Virus Spike In Beijing; Funeral Homes And Crematoriums Are Overloaded

Recently, several media outlets reported that since the lifting of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Zero-Covid policy, there have been more than ten million positive cases in Beijing, the medical system has nearly collapsed, the number of deaths from the CCP virus has skyrocketed, and funeral homes and crematoriums are overloaded. Although more than a dozen funeral homes and crematoriums in Beijing are running day and night, it is still difficult to cope with the surge of deaths from the CCP virus and the resulting overload of funeral services. Last week, the staff of the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Subsidiary Dongfang Hospital released a message on Chinese social platform Weibo, saying that due to the recent infections of funeral home workers, there is a serious shortage of personnel, and because of the recent increase in mortality in Beijing, the cremation time is now scheduled to be at least 5 to 7 das, and there is a serious backlog of remains. Industry insiders revealed to the media on the 17th, the current hospital mortuary in Beijing is full, two remains need to share one shelf on the storage rack; some mortuary floor stacked with 30 corpses. Some funeral homes purchased refrigerated containers, a container to store 20 to 30 remains. On the 17th alone, there were more than 2,700 Beijing residents died at home due to infections. The cost of funeral services has also doubled due to excessive demand. As for the real number of people who died from the epidemic, fearfully, that it will forever remain a mystery as long as the CCP remain in power. However, some analysts have made a conservative estimate based on the Beijing funeral service data disclosed in 2019 that if Beijing currently has at least 75 cremators and the comprehensive funeral home crematorium is at full capacity, the current number of deaths in Beijing is no less than 4,700 per day.

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