Advertisements Appear For The First Time On The Gettr Platform, Marks A New Phase Of Development

Recently, users already noticed that advertisements have appeared on Gettr, and partnered with Google Advertising services.

The start of advertising on the Gettr platform is an essential node in Gettr’s development process, indicating that the company’s development has entered a new stage. It means that the number of active users of Gettr has reached a specific scale, advertisers recognize its website traffic, and traffic has begun to bring cash inflows.

Gettr’s development goal is an integrated payment, transaction, and global information exchange intelligence marketplace, integrating blockchain technology, which will become the world’s most trusted payment platform, credit platform, and the first integrated network platform based on Web 3.0 in the future.

In addition, according to data from the traffic analysis website “SimilarWeb,” in November 2022, Gettr ranked 7,079th in the global website ranking, an increase of 1,026 places from the previous month.

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