A Young Republican’s Idea Of Freedom

On December 17, the first day of AMERICAFEST 2022, members of the NFSC delegation introduced the philosophy and purpose of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) to the Americans, while interviewing a number of Americans in attendance, including Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning PointUS.

In the interview, Ari Bradshaw, Northern District Chairman of the Young Republicans in Phoenix, Arizona, expressed his love for our booth and his recognition of the diplomatic performance of the NFSC people. He believes that the US and the world have been too affected by CCP and that more Americans should pay attention to what is currently happening. Many Chinese living in the US and its allies are now coming forward to try to make China more democratic, which hinders some of the corporate elites and forms an obstacle to CCP’s neo-Nazis as well as communism. We should continue and keep this fire burning brighter and brighter.

He also explains the idea of freedom on a philosophical level, arguing that Americans cherish more negative freedom, which is from arbitrary interference as individuals. He hopes that this philosophy can be spread more widely.

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