Overthrowing The CCP Is An Issue For The Entire Human Race

On December 17, Mr. Max Morgan from Florida was interviewed by a reporter from the New Federal State of China at the AMFEST conference. Mr. Morgan made it clear that the overthrow of the Chinese Communist Party is not only a bipartisan issue in the United States, but an issue for the entire human race.

Mr. Morgan said that the invasion of communism and socialism ideology began decades ago and has infiltrated not only the United States but also the rest of the world. Its domination on American life in every aspect of the financial markets, social media, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood endangers everyone who immigrated to America for freedom and democracy.

As a patriot, Mr. Morgan believes that the influence of the CCP in the United States must be stopped. This is not a partisan issue of conservative and liberal, it is a human issue. Regardless of people’s political views, they should unite and give freedom to those who have been suppressed by the CCP for so long.

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