Fever and Flu Overwhelming Beijing, China’s Healthcare System Face a Big Challenge

On December 12th, Li Ang, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, stated that many infected people chose to recover at home after the pandemic prevention was relaxed.

The number of people diagnosed with COVID in hospitals was on the decline, as well as the number of people getting nucleic acid tests. During the same period, however, the number of fever outpatient visits and flu-like cases climbed significantly. The emergency calls increased sharply. Twenty-two thousand patients were seen at fever outpatient clinics in Beijing on the 11th, 16 times more than a week earlier. Meanwhile, many pharmacies in Beijing had long queues at the entrance and were out of stock with many medications.

It has also been hard to find common drugs like antipyretics and analgesics through online stores; even antigen kits are scarce. Self-owned online pharmacies had limited anti-cold drug supplies but still quickly sold out. There have been hoarding and price-inflating incidents throughout the country. While Chinese residents are rejoicing over the easing of covid measures, some cities have quietly returned to a lockdown.

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